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Thank you for stopping by.

If you already read my contact information you already know pretty much who I am: I recently got my degree in interior design and transformed a lifelong hobby into my full time profession. But what I did not tell you is that I cannot stop learning.

I feel I need to be always in search of new trends, new concepts and new ideas. I am curious and I know the day we stop getting updated we stop being relevant.

I am not very good taking photographs, I will do my best to improve on that but on the other hand I don’t miss a design event, a good discussion about our area and mainly good articles about home design.

I also do not believe that good design ideas, mainly for expats, are only in the trade and specialized publications. I know for sure that good ideas come from mobile people, from whoever can relate to our experiences and can share with us from their learnings, their mistakes and successes.

So, this is what this blog will be all about: sharing with you things I see, I read, I learn, I try in my house or in one project that I think are worth sharing with you.

Of course some content will be more relevant, some content will be less but everything will be written with the idea to help you feel home wherever you are.

And I really hope this blog will be able to help you make your house a better place.

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