Lately most of us have been investing more time and money in our places.

Since our homes became our everything place and, most surely will have a much bigger role in our lives for a long time, we have been putting much more effort to transform our places in a better and cozier home.

Don’t you sometimes feel you have worked a lot and don’t see much difference? Looking for functional changes in the need to repurpose spaces, you probably have already changed a few pieces of furniture, you finished some DIY projects to upgrade some rooms and you still feel that all your work does not show off. How frustrating.

Well, I can almost bet the solution has to do with dressing your walls. Walls are the biggest surface of any place and if you are looking for changes that will have a major impact, you need to dress your walls.

Just like a well thought accessory (think about an amazing brooch, a colorful foulard or a striking tie) can harvest the most envious looks or flattering compliments (don’t we all miss those?) in an evening out, dressing your walls can make the entire difference as you slowly welcome people back to your home. Or even enjoy it on your own.

I know there is a widespread impression that art is very expensive and not a thing for anyone, but with a creative perspective we can all afford to dress our walls to give us daily joy. That is why I want to share some options to take the place of wall art and help you to really transform your space.

1) Use your accessories.

Do you have many hats, scarves, purses? Well, here is great start! You can use storage hooks to nicely display your purses and hats and you can frame some of the old scarfs that I am sure will be an interesting conversation starter with friends.

The easiest way to transform your space


2) Think differently about ledges.

Picture ledges can be a great solution to display all kinds of small collections. From miniature carts, till old cameras, any baubles that you’ve been collecting through the years can turn into works of art. I personally collect colorful bottles. Wherever I go I will probably visit an antique shop or flea market and bring home a new inexpensive but dear bottle for my collection. But it can be anything.

The easiest way to transform your space


3) Transform storage problems into art.

If picture ledges should not be considered only for pictures, closet rods shouldn’t be considered only for hanging clothes either. Nice, stylish rods can be a great solution to hang things that you simply do not have space to put and transform mundane stuff into wall decoration.

The easiest way to transform your space


4) Hang plants.

If you don’t have space for plants, here is the solution! Wall-mounted planters will bring some much needed green to your place and make your space feel alive. If you are not a plant person and feel plant caring is a responsibility you want to avoid, go for succulents.

The easiest way to transform your space


5)  Show off your hobbies.

The thing is a lot of guitars lying on the floor are a messy room but the same guitars, nicely framed on the wall are pieces of art. Simple. This is a project we designed for a client.

The easiest way to transform your space


6)  Mirrors… lots of mirrors.

There is no such a thing as too many mirrors. Mirrors help to enlarge spaces, make them brighter and they are beautiful. You simply can’t go wrong with mirrors.

The easiest way to transform your space


7) Use sculptural light.

Nowadays plug in sconces are a fashionable way to brighten up a light-deprived area of any home. I am a big fan of this fixture that can also be a pretty way to decorate your walls.

The easiest way to transform your space


8)  Consider wall baskets.

In my humble opinion, this older than life storage solution that our grandmothers probably used a lot is one of the most charming things to hang in a wall.

The easiest way to transform your space


9)  Rethink rugs.

Rugs are not only a creative way to dress a boring and plain white wall, they can be an amazing acoustic panel, not only decorating your walls but also helping to control the noise. Two benefits for the price of one! 😉

The easiest way to transform your space


10)  Something old, something used.

An antique store, a thrift shop or a flea market can be great places to get the most amazing pieces for your walls that can be timeless and full of stories. What about a collage of old windows?

The easiest way to transform your space


11)  Use a ladder.

There are many uses for an old wooden ladder all over the house. One of my favorite is using the ladder to hang throw blankets.

The easiest way to transform your space


12)  Just frame it.

Do you live in rental place and cannot apply the wallpaper you love? Do you have some pieces of fabric that you won’t use? Do you have some beautiful wrapping that you just feel sorry to dispose? Just frame it!

The easiest way to transform your space


13)  Hang a personalized map.

Make it personal with a map. It can be a custom made map of your city, state or country or a world map with the places you and your loved ones have visited. Either way, a map can be an unusual and unique storyteller and will make your wall special.

The easiest way to transform your space


14)  Add texture with weaving craft work.

If you thought that macrame art is a thing of the past, I invite you to reconsider. The organic look and feel of this type of art can be a great addition to your place.

The easiest way to transform your space


Wall art in any form and shape should not be simply a “nice to have” piece when you are decorating your space. Actually I firmly believe that your wall hangings are the framework around which you should be able to plan the rest of the room.

They say creativity and innovation are all about taking two or more things that are known and making connections between them that have not been made before. I hope you can find some good inspirations above to guide you to select affordable and creative ideas that will change the vibe of your place and make your home look interesting, bolder, sexier, inviting, welcoming and refreshed. Happy accessorizing!

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