“You may say that I’m a dreamer”, said John Lennon.

I truly believe that we can all make our homes look amazing without spending a fortune. Whether you live in a temporary house or a permanent one, being on a budget should not stop you.

Small decorating projects can give any place a new lease on life. There are many inexpensive ways to help you create a stylish, inviting home for yourself and your guests.

If you think creativity and DIY are not your forte, let me help you be a dreamer, imagine your home a better place and get started with some budget-friendly tips for an instant update!



When getting dressed, we all know that accessories can transform one’s outfit. It is the same for a sofa, dresser or console… For example, pillows and throw blankets are something you can change with the season on your favorite sofa. A beautiful flower arrangement, candles, framed photos or small artworks will dress your console. Try it out. And change them every now and then.


Rearrange your furniture

You can dramatically change the look and feel of a room simply by rearranging the furniture. Try different options, even the ones that seem silly. I am sure you will be surprised. And best of all, it costs absolutely nothing.


Get eclectic

If you open up to the idea of mixing styles and stop looking for a specific piece of furniture, color or piece of art, you will find out that any decor piece becomes more affordable and unique. Embrace the unexpected. Mix fabrics and patterns, give new styles a chance.


Hide the cords

Sometimes these small details just make a home much nicer. Hiding TV, games, audio or lighting cords and wires will go a long way in making your home look effortlessly clean and organized. One easy and creative way is to use fabric cord covers, a decorative box or a hollowed-out book.


Create a focal point in the room

Create a focal feature in your room by painting one wall in a different color, for example. If one wall is painted in a bright color and the rest of the room is white or beige, the vivid color will naturally draw the eye. You can also use an eye-catching element like a bold decorative item.

accent wall

Make your ceiling look higher

In many homes, the ceiling is painted white to make it appear higher. However, if you feel your ceilings look too low, a good way to create the illusion of a higher ceiling is to extend the wall color a little higher up onto the ceiling.


Revamp a dated sofa with a slipcover

You don’t need to buy a new sofa, simply check out colorful or patterned slipcovers to give your space a new look. Make sure the slipcover was pre-washed/pre-shrunk. If not, it might be a good idea to have it dry-cleaned, so it fits your sofa perfectly.


Customize a side table

With a bit of paint and imagination, you can revive your tired, old side tables next to your sofa. For example, you could paint the edge of a black table in red, yellow or gold. Be creative, see the potential in every piece of furniture and transform your room into a unique living space.


Hang art

Art doesn’t have to be expensive, here are a few examples of what can be framed:

  • The pages of a colorful calendar
  • Pictures cut out of a magazine
  • Completed jigsaw puzzles
  • Pieces of patterned fabric, wallpaper, or wrapping paper
  • Pictures, text, and designs printed out on your home printer
  • Small keepsakes of any kind, mounted in a shadow box
art wall

Switch out a lamp shade

Here is how to lift tired-looking lamps: enliven a blah base with a sprightly shade. Bonus: a garden theme is guaranteed to keep winter blues at bay!


Add trim to your curtains

No need to buy new curtains! Invest in what you already own, by simply adding iron-on trims to your basic curtain panels. This easy tip will transform your room and give it a designer feel. Add beautiful touches without the hassle of sewing.


Give an old ladder a new life

Add an instant cozy appeal to any room by adding “that old wooden ladder sitting in your garage.” Clean it up with sandpaper and maybe even a coat of paint, then use it to store spare towels or throw blankets.


Showcase collectibles

It only takes a few special antiques, memorabilia or even décor pieces to start a collection. Collections make your home unique and will get your friends’ attention. Group your prized items by size, theme or color and display them on your shelves. 


Go thrift shopping

Buying used pieces of furniture and décor is a great way to save on items that may otherwise be costly. Who knows what hidden gems you will find at a thrift store or flea market, not to mention that used pieces can be one of the most conscious and sustainable choices you can make.


Invest in a new bathroom mirror

Nothing dresses up a dated bathroom faster than a new mirror above the sink. You can find plenty of affordable new options or go searching for a cool vintage piece. These usually have a low-price tag and add a ton of personality to any bathroom.


Reorganize your bookshelf

If your bookshelf has become the place where you put everything you don’t have a designated place for, it’s time to purge. Get rid of the clutter, then have fun organizing what’s left. By theme, by color or even by alphabetical order. You could add an unexpected touch: some paintings, together with other pieces of art but surely you should give it some empty spaces.


Paint your front door

For an inexpensive but impactful exterior upgrade, paint your front door an unexpected shade, like a shiny bright color, especially if your house is painted in neutral colors. You will add some bold character to your home and that will be an immediate conversation starter.

Painted Door

Clearly, the most obvious advantage of decorating on a budget is getting unique results without having to watch the “TV show budgets.” In my opinion, the pride of ownership from time, creativity and effort put into the project, are even more rewarding than the look you achieve.  

Once the job is done, that space will truly feel yours. More than a new design; it will be an accomplishment you will and should feel great about. Remember you don’t need to do everything at once. Take your time. You won’t feel overwhelmed and it will help you keep an eye on your budget. And you know what? You don’t need to marry what you arranged. You can keep it fresh and change things every now and then.

As a final thought, welcoming you and your home to the decorating world, I will let John Lennon encourage you with words of wisdom: “…I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will be as one”.

Best of luck with your projects!

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