As far as order is concerned, and regardless of country of origin or culture, we can say that there are two types of people: those who are neat and well ordered all the time, and the others who are… let’s say, not so tidy.

While it is completely ok to be part of any of these two group, we all agree that there is nothing that instills a sense of chaos more than a disorganized home. So, if you’re not the more structured type, or don’t have time to get organized and keep your home that way 24/7, there are some design trends that you should avoid when designing your home.

The thing is: being neat all the time isn’t for everyone. And, honestly, this search for perfection can be exhausting for some. So, if your daily home activities or job call for a more creative and messy environment, I invite you to come to terms with who you are and take advantage of design decisions that can make your home more livable. You can start by staying away from these choices that fit only those who are orderly precise.

1.-Using Too Many Colors

Too many colors in design tend to create a look cluttered and messy to your home. When you choose a color palette to include in your interior, three picks are better than one. Choose neutrals for the big items such as walls and flooring, then calm colors for pricey furniture and other sturdy items. Finally, pick a third more dramatic color to pop in your statement accessories and statement pieces.

The neutral and calm colors will allow the room to breathe as well as make the room look more spacious and open while something more dramatic brings personality and flavor to the space.

2.-Open shelving

Open shelving may look great for the pictures on social media, but in real life it can be a nightmare since it requires perfect arrangement to look good.

Easily open shelves can get full of stuff that should be into drawers and cabinets and in no time, it looks pretty messy.

So, think twice before choosing floating, open shelving and consider closed cabinetry in a nice hue.

3.- Glass cabinets

Just like open shelves, glass cabinets put all your stuff on display. So, to start with, you need to make sure that all the items behind the glass are things that you want people seeing. Pretty hard right?

Plus, glass cabinets in high-traffic areas need regularly cleaning to make them   fingerprint-free. If you already have glass cabinets but can’t keep your stuff perfectly organized all the time, consider applying removable wallpaper or a nice fabric to the inside.

4.- Adding Too Many Accent Pillows and décor pieces

“Too many” is always a risky decision but if you are on the “not so tidy group” it can be simply a bad decision. Without constant fluffing and tidying, too many accent pillows on a sofa or bed will instantly create a haphazard and messy look.

Same thing happens with decorative accents: placing too many décor objects  or memorabilia will make any room look cluttered. Try instead, to limit the number of decorative pieces and then decorate the table in a vignette style (one grouping). Only display what you really love and what is functional and remove the rest.  If you still have many small objects, think about storing them in a jar or bowl and elevate small objects on a stack of two or three books to give it a purposeful look.

5.- Minimalism

While “too many” can be a bad decision in decor, minimalism style is not for everyone either.

Minimalism is a style where everything is about functionality, favoring open concept spaces, very clean areas (no clutter at all!), only neutral colors and above all a “less is more” motto. Once again, even though beautiful in theory, perhaps a lifestyle based on having as little as possible isn’t just what a messy creative person needs.

Honestly, real messy people tend to leave clothing all over the place and shoes strewn. And in a minimalist room, even one coat left behind looks terrible so, that is not the style you should be looking for.

6.- Side tables with no storage 

In a magazine bedroom, your bedside table will include all the pretty things with fresh flowers and nothing else. So, it can easily be a bench, a table or some sculptural piece.

But without storage, bedside tables tend to end up full of all those things such as vitamin bottles, mugs and papers with no aesthetic value that nobody wants to see, mainly when they first roll over in the morning.

Just stick to storage solutions.

7.- Open Vanities

Open bathroom vanities may be great for producing elegant storage areas, but you need to make sure your supplies are organized in hotel-like fashion for the whole thing to look complete.

If you’re on the messy side, you might be better off with closed vanities that offer lots of storage.

8.- Hanging Art Randomly

Wall art hung in haphazard fashion across a wall will bring a clutter sensation and make any room look chaotic. Think carefully before hanging your art pieces: group pictures in a gallery arrangement; the space will instantly look organized and balanced.


Both order and disorder can be found in abundance in nature and in our self-created environments. Sometimes people tend to be messy in one setting and more orderly in others.

However, messiness is something that can cause a lot of stress so in order to not let your home be another source of anxiety in your life, don’t let design options play against you.

You may not be able to change your innate nature, but by putting in a little thought and effort now, you can set up systems that will help you stay tidy despite yourself.

Though it is true that our homes are generally not Downton Abbey, and her Royal Highness will not be stopping by any time soon, it is a good thing to have a home that can be guest ready anytime. And by the way, have some Twinings Earl Grey tea in your cupboard. JFYR It’s her preferred cup of tea. No sugar, no milk. You never know. ;-)

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