HOME, it’s such a big word with countless associations and ongoing discussions among people living a nomad lifestyle. As an expat or repat, it can become a big topic. It‘s more than the name of a place or country. It’s about family, friends, the feeling of being understood, homecooked meals and a certain smell when you turn the key at the entrance and walk through the door. It‘s a mosaic of numerous pieces fitting together in the most unique way. In other words, it’s always more than you ever expect. You name it.

„Let’s start and sprinkle a tiny bit of Feng Shui wisdom into your home and life.“

Meaning, let’s focus on your four walls, the living spaces and how you use it. You’re supposed to enjoy it without feeling stuck or being overwhelmed.

Work with the Qi flow

Qi or also written Chi is one of the most commonly used terminology in the Feng Shui world. To explain it, I like to use an analogy. Imagine Qi as a fairy dancing through your home, moving freely around while bringing in a fresh breeze of air into every corner of your living spaces.

Imagine yourself walking through your home. Where does your attention flow? Maybe there are a couple of areas which are not appealing at all. From my experience, the entrance area and the bedrooms are predestinated rooms for it. But every home is different. You can probably tell on the spot what is bothering you.

Maybe you love to look out of the window instead of enjoying your living space. Every area or item that is not attractive shows room for improvement. It is a good starting point.

Trust yourself, be aware of these areas or items and don’t accept them as a given. It is your turn to change it and it’s a good way to evaluate blocked energy.

The main key is to keep the structure of your rooms simple and free of distractions. One of the most underestimated areas is the entrance way, the space where Qi enters the home. The energy you hold or bring in at this spot is the energy you carry to the rest of the home. Make sure it is a clean and tidy space with sufficient light.

Here are two tips that immediately lift up the energy of your space no matter how small or spacious your home is. A fresh bouquet of local flowers and candlelight for daily dinners. It always works.

Decluttering – The foundation

Yes, I know it is not my favorite either and for some of you it might be a tough challenge, but it is absolutely worth it. Simply keep in mind, less is more. Less items to care for, less items to clean, less items to pack or unpack. Less items means less costs for a storage space and when the next move is around the corner. Don’t be afraid to let go of physical items. The memories will always be attached to your heart and soul.

„It takes a lot more energy to hold on to your belongings than to let go.“

Simply start with one room, one corner or just one drawer. The choice is yours. Keep the item if you love it dearly and/or use it on regular basis. Keep it if it‘s a true keepsake with a positive experience or memory connected to it. Anything else, any item that does not fit this category is unnecessary baggage which weighs you down. You decide how much you are able or willing to carry.

Decluttering is rather a process than a task you mark from your to-do-list or calendar. It is an ongoing process, always with the intention to improve your space. In the same way, it can give back control and clarity to your daily life in comparison to the uncertainty of your global lifestyle.

Last but not least, decluttering and tidying up your space is the plain foundation for further Feng Shui methods. These methods could lead to interior tips such as color or shape for a more homelike and balanced feeling. They could give a deeper inside on your individual life topics, in case you like to tap that deep.

Know the priorities of your lifestyle

Ask yourself how much space and what kind of space you need or like to have. What are the key components that fit to your lifestyle and support your daily routine?

One example: You love doing Yoga on a daily basis. Ask yourself, do you have an assigned space or room for it? Or on a smaller scale, do you have an assigned area in your wardrobe where you store Yoga clothing? Do you have an assigned time during the week or day for your Yoga routine?

Feng Shui is not only about furnishing or color, it is about you and how well you take care of yourself by utilizing your space in the best way possible. Your home is a mirror of what you value the most and the least in your life.

So let’s sum up where you can start easily:

  • √  Evaluate the blocked and less attractive areas in your home which drain your mind and energy. Those areas have room for improvement.
  • √  A lit candle at the dinner table not only nourishes the body, but also the mind and soul
  • √  Declutter by starting with one box or one drawer, just keep in mind it is a process, not a sprint
  • √ Know your values and priorities and create space for your specific lifestyle
  • √ Fresh, preferably local flowers on a regular basis increase the Qi of your home, and last but not least, are a great eyecatcher

Every home is unique in the same way as you are. Take your time and enjoy the journey to discover your current home and create the space you value.


Andrea is born and currently living in Germany. She has a global mindset and experience living abroad on 3 continents for over a decade. She understands the hassle of moving around and getting settled in your home of choice by utilizing her knowledge as Imperial Feng Shui Consultant. In addition, she is a licensed facilitator of the Adapt & Succeed Abroad Program which supports Expats and Repats on all relevant topics and levels throughout their journey.

Andrea Puck

Andrea Puck

Founder of Feng Shui & Wellbeing, Feng Shui & Wellbeing

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