Interior Designers are expensive

First of all, you will never know before you ask. So, before making this assumption, give it a try.

Besides the fact that the costs of many professionals out there may surprise you, consider another important point: most probably you will decorate only a few times in your life while a designer does it every day. Their expertise will surely make you save big bucks, helping you avoid costly mistakes that only experience can teach you.

Finally, the real value of a good designer lays on the fact they know how to work with budget constraints, including your needs and expectations while bringing fresh ideas to the project and also helping you to set priorities and get the job done!

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Interior Designing can be frivolous and unnecessary

Your home should your place in the world. It does not matter where it is, how big it is or how long you plan to live there. It should be THE place where you feel safe, inspired, where your personality flourishes and your spirit lifts.

How on earth can the design of it not be relevant?

One thing that can be totally understandable is the decision to go low budget, mainly if the place is temporary, but this does not mean you cannot make a good design for it. On the contrary, I genuinely believe that this is when a good designer, with smart solutions, is even more critical.  After all, most surely this is when you will find yourself short of storage, unhappy with the “sad” light in your living room and with a feeling you don’t belong in that place, but you don’t know exactly how to solve it.

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Interior Designers are just looking for the “show off home”

Let’s be honest. If the room does not look “photo shoot-ready” with a beautiful and balanced set of furniture and a smart color scheme the client won’t be attracted towards the work of this designer. On the other hand, if the fabrics are not washable, totally usable for a family, if the storage needs were not carefully planned, if the lights needs were not taking into consideration the client won’t recommend this designer.

So, there is no way that a successful designer can survive presenting only “show off homes.” Simple right?

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Interior Designing cannot be done online

Design online is simply a different service, and for many clients, it is precisely what they need. While what designers call on-site service or full service usually involves much more time, detail and phases, the online design is focused on space planning, and concept of the project and the designer is not included in the execution of the project. The service tends to be quick and very straight to the point without losing the personal touch that each professional can give with their experience together with face to face meetings with the clients and pictures of the place.

house plan
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Interior Designers will always try to impose their taste

 Designers can be as good as the brief they receive. If you can really express exactly what you want, you should expect this unique look you have envisioned enhanced by the designer experience but if the information is lacking most probably they will fulfill the gaps with their own taste, and this is when you can get the feeling the final result does not “speak to you”.


Look at their work, make sure to be concise in your brief, understand that it is the role of the designer to push you with questions and offer you different options but, be sure that at the end – and this is the very first lesson that we learn at school – the design should reflect who YOU are.

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