The Architectural Digest Design Show

Last week was my favorite design show of the year in NY: The Architectural Digest Design Show, better know as the AD Design Show, takes place in Manhattan every year, during 4 days. It has been running for the last 18 years.

Although more than 400 brands are displayed during this show, believe me, it is quite a “human size” show where you can easily find your way around. Exhibitors can recognize you if you visit them more than once, and they are always very friendly and willing to have a nice conversation about their design pieces.

The show is always quite eclectic and one of its high points is surely the reunion of so many independent craftsmen and women, all of them with their fresh look and new ideas for art, furniture and lighting; mostly concentrated in the Made Section where you can find really one-of-a-kind Objects and Furnishings.

Actually, with a client, we said that workshops in Brooklyn were empty last week. Everybody was at the AD Show and this event turns out to be a unique opportunity to see so many incredible new trends and rising talents that would be impossible to see otherwise in such a short period of time.

Personally I love how carefully curated is all the exhibition of art pieces. The show brings a huge selection of materials, styles and textures ready to inspire all kinds of tastes and audiences.

I cannot stress this enough: art in any form will bring personality to our homes. It will make the space you live in more harmonious and truly YOURS, and at the end of the day it will help to make you feel better in your home and make a great impression on the people who come to visit you.

Why don’t you join me next year to experience this great show for yourself?

Send a thumbs up  if you are up for it already. I would love to have you here with me.

Architectural Digest Design Show
Architectural Digest Design Show 4
Architectural Digest Design Show 2
Architectural Digest Design Show 3
Architectural Digest Design Show 6
architectural digest show 8
Architectural Digest Design Show 7

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