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Find here articles created to help you to make your place abroad feel like home. I hope you will find some inspirations!

My new home: 10 easy tips to make it happen

Settling in a new house or apartment is the summit of the relocation process. And very often this means either dealing with a furnished place that does not reflect your taste or having to solve a puzzle with a space that is not ideal for all the furniture and belongings you shipped…

Finding your own Style

One of the most important things when designing your place, let it be by yourself or with the support of one professional designer, is to understand what is your own interior design style. Think of it as your own dressing style. Most probably it took you some time to...

Decorating with Sound – By Roy McCluskey

In this short article I will try to share with you the importance of sound in how we feel and a few tips that you can use when you think about decorating your house to be your own haven…

Rental Renovations that you can do in one weekend

Rental Home Renovations
I believe the secret to any successful home renovation is to know your limits.

Most probably at some point, when you have been moving from one place to the other very often, you really don’t feel like investing…

Sustainability. Where do I start?

SustainabilitySince I started this blog I wanted to talk about sustainability. I am sure it is a topic which is important to all of us. We should all get better in our choices to keep our world the best we can for future generations, so I’ve been...

5 Myths about Interior Designers

First of all, you will never know before you ask. So, before making this assumption, give it a try. Besides the fact that the costs of many professionals out there may surprise you, consider

My First Salone del Mobile di Milano

I knew the beauty, the quality and the innovation I would find in every booth would mesmerize me but, deliberately I didn’t want to know much more